Sunday, February 8, 2009

Meeting: February 12

On Thursday, February 12, at 8 PM, we'll meet to discuss the following readings. These selected chapters are available in hard copy in EB 211, in the folder "BMG" by the door, and in electronic format, under "IPRH 2008 - Elizabeth Hoiem" on e-reserve. For your convenience, here are the direct links:

Pecora, Vincent P.. "Ch. 4: Arnoldian Ethnology: nation between religion and race." Secularization and cultural criticism : religion, nation, & modernity. University of Chicago Press, 2006. 131-156.

Taylor, Charles. "Ch. 11: Nineteenth-century trajectories." Secular age. Harvard UP, 2007. 377-419,813-815.
Last fall's readings were background on our year's topic, "Religion, Secularization, and British Nationhood," while these two spring readings address literature more directly.

Directions to the meeting have been distributed by email. If you would like to join the BMG listserv, please contact our webmaster.

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